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Can I change what day of the month the monthly contribution is debited from my bank account?

Unfortunately not. When you set up a monthly savings plan through the Curvo app, the money is debited on the first business day of every month. You are unable to edit the when the money is fetched from your account. We are looking to add a more flexible system in the future.

We understand that many aren't paid in time or don't have sufficient funds for the savings plan on the first business day of the month. As an alternative, you can set up a standing order directly with your bank and transfer money automatically towards your portfolio.

Head on over to "Invest" on Curvo's app and you'll see the information to make the transfer once you add an amount. Some banks require you to add the address and BIC code which we have added below. The bank details and communication are always the same. If the information were to change, we would make sure to let you know.


NL57 RABO 0300 4546 86

K.R. Poststraat 100-2
8441 ER Heerenveen


2247***** Thomas Ketchell

Add your nine-digit customer number which starts with 2247 and then your first and last name.

Note that you can only send money from the bank account you linked up when creating your account. If you send money from another account, it will be refunded. If you wish to change your bank account that's tied to your account, email us.

Updated on: 30/07/2023

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