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Timeline of the technical issues starting from Sunday Feb 12th, 2023

We continue to encounter issues with API of our partner NNEK.

Please note that all your assets are still safe and secure.

We are keeping a log of what's been happening and how we're handling the issue. We are updating this log as the events happen.

Tuesday 21/02

Most of the issues are resolved by now. Withdrawal orders function again, as well as managing your monthly contributions.

We expect the pending investments to be completed tonight as well.

What still isn't working:
- Viewing your documents in the Account --> Docs section. NNEK is still working on this.

Monday 20/02

The API was down most of the day due to an unrelated hardware issue.

Sunday 19/02

We remain seeing errors in some of the requests to the NNAK API. We brought them to NNEK's attention and working with them to resolve them.

Saturday 18/02

Good news! The API is back up as of 14h20. We're still seeing the occasional failure, but the large majority of the requests are going through. NNEK is working with us to resolve the remaining failures and get the API back to 100%.

The data on your investments is currently also being updated. So you still see outdated values today, but that will be resolved over the next 24 to 48 hours.

Friday 17/02

Still no API, but we got a notice that it will be back up by Saturday.

Almost all customers should now be able to load the app and view the state of their investments as it was on Sunday February 12.

Thursday 16/02

Still no API. We continued our work of improving the app, by graciously falling back to backups, or an error message if no backup was available. We submitted updates to the Play Store and App Store so that all members get the latest versions as soon as possible.

Wednesday 15/02

We worked all day to render the app usable for as many people as possible.

We also emailed all our members with an update.

Tuesday 14/02

No Saint-Valentine present for us. By Tuesday morning, the API still wasn't functioning. Meanwhile, the app was still crashing for most members because of this.

After hearing news from NNEK that it was going to take at least until Wednesday evening, we decided to do something. We had been saving backups of requests to the NNEK API, so our goal was to make the app at least usable, showing (outdated) data where possible, such as the state of your investments as they were on Sunday evening before the technical issues started.

Monday 13/02

In the morning, we emailed all Curvo members about the outage.

We then got news from NNEK in the morning that the API would be back up and running in the evening. So we decided not to take any further action besides responding to questions in the chat and email.

Sunday 12/02

At 20h46 on Sunday evening, NNEK's API stopped responding to our requests. As a consequence, the Curvo app was unable to load. Also, new members were unable to sign up to the app.

Updated on: 21/02/2023

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