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When are the portfolio values in the app updated?

The values of your portfolio in the app, that you can see for instance in the graph in your "Portfolio" tab, are updated once per day with a delay of 2 business days.

For example, assume that we're on Thursday February 8, 2024. The last known value is then the value on February 6. The evolution graph of your portfolio will show:

Feb 5: actual value on Feb 5
Feb 6: actual value on Feb 6
Feb 7: it will show the last known value of Feb 6
Feb 8: it will show the last known value of Feb 6

The update in our systems happens in the late evening and during the night.

Note that the values of the funds in your portfolio are updated only when the stock exchanges are open. This means that no new values are created on the weekends and holidays.

Updated on: 14/02/2024

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