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How do I declare my account to the Belgian tax authorities?

You will have to declare that you have a Dutch investment account.

As a customer, we will provide you with detailed instructions when you are filling your tax form.

According to the Belgian tax authority, if you have a foreign account (such as the one at NNEK when you invest through Curvo) you need to do the following:
Declare it to the Belgian National Bank (view instructions)
Mention it every year on your tax form (view instructions for the 2022 tax form)

Praktische modaliteiten voor de melding van buitenlandse rekeningen aan het CAP op de website van de Nationale Bank van België
FAQ rond buitenlandse rekeningen op de website van de Federale Overheidsdienst Financien

Modalités pratiques de communication au PCC des comptes ouverts à l’étranger sur le site de la Banque Nationale de Belgique
FAQ sur les comptes à l'étranger sur le site du Service Public Fédéral Finances

The above information is general in nature and is made available for informational purposes only. The information displayed should in no way be considered as personal tax advice. The above information is based on sources deemed reliable by the author. However, Curvo in no way guarantees the accuracy or completeness of this information and cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise as a result of its inaccuracy or incompleteness. This information is subject to possible changes in legislation and tax treatment. The final tax treatment depends on your personal situation.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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