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How do I declare my account to the Belgian National Bank?

There are three ways to declare your foreign account to the Belgian National Bank:
Through a paper form
By email


The easiest way is to do it online and this is the one we'll focus on.

Declare your accounts by filling in the form available on the website of the National Bank of Belgium. If you go for the electronic route, remember that you'll either need your identity card (with chip!), your PIN code and a card reader or else access to your itsme account.

We'll use the French speaking form as an example.

Step 1

Start with login into CSAM account using itsme:

Step 2

Then select "contribuable" or "belastingbetaler":

Step 3

Click on "Add new account":

Step 4

Enter the account information. You must first find your account number.

To find your account ID, head on over to "Account" on the app then click on "Personal information". You'll see your account ID at the bottom of the screen.

Where to find your account ID (it's 9 digits for yours that start with 224)

Then fill in:

Nº du compte / Rekeningnummer: Your account ID
Dénomination / Benaming: Stichting Noordnederlandse Beleggersgiro
Pays / Land: The Netherlands
Période d'imposition / Tijdperk: 2024 (that is, the year you opened your account)

Rue / Straat: K.R. Poststraat 100-2
Code postal et localité / Postcode en plaats: 8841 ER Heerenveen
Pays / Land: The Netherlands

Step 5

Insert your preferred language and validate

Step 6

You're all set 🥳 and you can even download the PDF for your archives

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Updated on: 19/03/2024

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