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How do I declare the closing of my account to the Belgian National Bank?

When you've closed your account, you need to notify the Central Point of Contact (CPC) of the National Bank of Belgium that the account is shut.

There are two ways to do so. The easiest way is online through the website of the NBB. This is the method we describe below. Alternatively, you can fill in a closure/decumulation form that you mail or e-mail. This form is available in Dutch, French and German.

Online declaration

Step 1: head to the NBB website

Head to the NBB website on and continue with the login.

Step 2: log in

Log in with your itsme account or eID card reader. The NBB uses CSAM, which is the main gateway to the services of the government. You'll most likely recognise this screen from when you declared your account with the NBB.

Step 3: choose your preferred language

As there's no option in English, we will choose Dutch for the rest of the steps. We've also written a guide in French.

Step 4: go to the declaration of foreign accounts

Click on "Aangeven".

Step 5: select to close an account

Step 6: insert the details of the account

Unfortunately, the tool does not automatically list the accounts you previously declared. You'll need to insert the details of your account, which is a bit cumbersome.

Rekeningnummer: Your account ID (you can find it in the app under "Account" and "Personal information")
Benaming: Stichting Noordnederlandse Beleggersgiro
Land: Nederland
Datum van sluiting van de rekening: 08/05/2024 (the date your account was closed)
Laatste belastbaar tijdperk waarin de inkomsten van het kind gevoegd werden bij die van de ouders: leave empty

Step 7: select the account

Select the account you just added and click "Volgende".

Step 8: confirm

Confirm, and you're all set. You've now officially closed your account to the Belgian National Bank.

Never declared your account?

You can declare the account and mention a closing date at the same time. See the instructions.

Updated on: 21/05/2024

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